Autobiographies, Memoirs, and Biographies

Our most popular service, Universal Writer is experienced in developing a compelling, factually accurate, and thorough account of an individual’s life story.  Our team implements a streamlined process including extensive interviews (completed in-person or via telephone), a full transcription (completed in-house), a written manuscript capturing the appropriate tone, diction, and voice intended, and finally, a thorough editing of the work.  As a ghostwriting service, all subject matter is confidential and you will be named as the sole author, if desired. Every service is customized to best meet each customer’s needs and budget.


Are you a public speaker? A subject-matter expert?  Do you have advice that you’d like to share with others?  If so, Universal Writer is your answer. We are adept at constructing the perfect self-help piece to convey your critical message. Our goal is to reach a specified target audience and ensure that your voice is utilized, including any colloquial terms. In addition to articulating the proper message, our team of writers is able to create supplementary materials such as worksheets and graphic organizers.  After the release of your self-help book, it is important to keep your audience engaged.  As time moves on, methods change and Universal Writer will assist you in keeping this message updated.


Do you have an intriguing idea or story to tell? Do you need help formulating this concept? Universal Writer can help you express this story by developing an engaging storyline, realistic characters, convincing dialogue, and literary elements such as foreshadowing, flashbacks, and flash-forwards.  Finally, we will provide the revisions and editing necessary to ensure written clarity.

Educational Pieces

With our extensive background in education, our team is geared up to help any educator create the perfect document. Moreover, we are trained to develop engaging workbooks, worksheets, training materials, and assessments tailored for your client or student.  These learning tools can address the appropriate standards and objectives while allowing for a simple and clear understanding of the presented topic.

Business Development

Do you want to stand out from your competition? Do you want to grow professionally?  With years of experience in the business world, Universal Writer can assist you in producing the appealing business proposal, letter, training document, or Power Point presentation. Additionally, we can aid in the preparation and execution of any presentation, as we guide you through time-honored speaking techniques, such as good eye contact, posture, and voice inflection.


Do you need a fresh set of eyes to review your manuscript or document? Universal Writer provides a thorough editing service to ensure that your content is grammatically correct and print-ready.